June 22, 2018 at: 07:09:48 AM

Demand for a Second Speciall Counsel

Where is the demand for a Second Special Counsel?

After a public revelation that the FBI had used a confidential informant to collect information to be used in the Robert Mueller Special Counsel investigation to gather evidence in possible collusion and obstruction of justice between the2016 presidential campaign of President Donald Trump and Russia.  There was an immediate reaction from conservative Republicans that the government was spying on a private U.S. citizen in a high profile investigation where there had been no indication that a crime had been committed and that no evidence to date to warrant such an intrusion.                                                

Many conservative media reporters and political pundits immediately began to call for a second Special Counsel to look into the conduct of the Hillary Clinton FBI investigation led by fired FBI Director, James Comey and at the time being scrutinized by the Justice Department Inspector General, Michael Horowitz.  Moderates, including some prominent Democrats, voiced concern about rushing to judgement, and suggested that further action should wait until the results of the Horowitz IG were published.

On June 12, the IG report was publicly released and was immediately pounced upon by TV reporters and political pundits.  The editorial commentary that ensued, from all sides, did little to change or lessen the divide of public opinion.  The tenor of the report bore semblance to the Comey report on the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation, in that after factually listing the inflammatory text message exchanges between lead investigator on both the Clinton and Trump investigations, Peter Strzok and his lover former FBI attorney, Lisa Page as well as more texts by other FBI agents directed against President Trump and those citizens who supported and voted for him, Mr. Horowitz’s report found no evidence that political bias influenced key investigative decision-making.

In the charged atmosphere that the IG report created, many Republican lawmakers and supporters of President Trump claimed that the report validates the claim that the Mueller investigation is a “witch hunt” that should be terminated, while the Democrats say it supports no such position.  There were a few calls for the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to appoint a federal prosecutor to reinvestigate the Hillary Clinton email issues and the Clinton Foundation, but the question of the appointment of a second special counsel was muted if not silent.   What happened?      

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