Frequently Asked Questions


What are Game Chips?

Game Chips are virtual in nature and are earned as part of each element of the StarProg game activities.


What are Prize Points?

Prize Points are virtual in nature and are earned by correctly answering questions in the StarProg Predict to Win and Daily Trivia elements. 


What is the difference between Game Chips and Prize Points?

Both are virtual in nature and have no real monetary value. Game Chips are used to determine a players relative standing against all other registered users in a monthly competition. The results are reflected in the StarProg Ladder Board. A pre-determined number of player will be awarded prizes based on their top position(s) on the Ladder Board at the end of each month. 

Prize Points are similar in nature to Game Chips, but are used by StarProg as part of a monthly Prize drawing. For each 500 points earned, players will be awarded one Prize Ticket.


Why did my Game Chips drop to 1,000?

At the start of each new month, each player’s Game Chips are reset to 1,000 to begin a new competition month on the Ladder Board. Players who earned Trivia and Prediction Chips on the last day of each month will see those total’s carryover to their new month balance.


Why did I lose my Prize Tickets?

At the end of each calendar quarter – March, June, September, December – all players will see their Prize Tickets reset to ‘Zero’ (0). During each active Quarter, players will accumulate one Prize Tickets for each 500 points earned playing Predict to Win and Daily Trivia. These tickets will continue to be used as part of the StarProg Monthly and Quarterly Prize Drawing.


How and when are Game Chips and Prize Points awarded?

Players are awarded points for correctly predicting the outcome of posted events. When the outcome of a prediction is verified and finalized, players who answered correctly will see an increase in their Prize Points and Game Chips balance shortly after finalization is updated at a random timeframe shortly after midnight, U.S Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Prize Points & Game Chips can also be earned by correctly answering three (3) Trivia questions that are available daily to all players upon logging in. Players will receive points and chips for each of the correct trivia answers, which are awarded and updated each day at a random timeframe shortly after midnight, Pacific Standard Time (PST).


How are the StarProg "Possible Answer" Game Chips/Points determined?

The StarProg Game Master uses a variety of different factors in determining the points assigned to all new predictions. But in a nutshell, they use the pertinent facts and background research at the time the question was launched. The lower the points, the higher the probability of that outcome taking place. The higher the points, the lower the probability of that outcome taking place. Situations and facts surrounding an event may change after they are launched, which can alter the odds of the outcome. Players can take advantage of those changes as long as the event is still open, and are free to change a previously entered answer. Once launched, StarProg will not change the "Possible Points", but when an event is closed, players’ answers are locked in until finalized.  


How do I change my email address?

When you are logged in you can select the Personal Profile link in the Header of most of the StarProg standard pages. This will direct you to your personal profile page, where you will see the field to change or update your e-mail


Does it cost any money to play StarProg?

It will never cost you money to play StarProg, or win any of our fabulous prizes and rewards! There may be cases where we are required by law to notify the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) when we award a prize that exceeds a certain value. When this occurs StarProg will notify the winner of our filings upon delivery. Contest winners are responsible for reporting prize winnings with the proper agencies or personal advisers regarding any possible federal and state tax implications, including winners who reside outside the United States.


How do I stop getting Daily Emails?

When you are logged in you can select the My Profile hyperlink under “Get Started and Go’ on the Top Navigation Bar dropdown tab, simply remove the check from "Send me a summary email every day."


How do I know if I won?

StarProg will contact all winners by using the current e-mail address supplied by the player. It is important that all players keep their e-mail address updated in their profile to ensure the prompt notification and delivery of our fabulous prizes!


How do I cancel my account?

When you are logged in you can select the Personal Profile link in the Page Header. You will see a choice to Edit Profile when in your Personal Profile page.  In the Edit Profile page you can select ‘Cancel my Account’, you will be presented with a confirmation that you want to do this.


How do I change my password?

When you are logged in you can select the Personal Profile link in the Page Header. You will see a choice to Edit Profile when in your Personal Profile page. In Edit Profile you can select ‘Change Password’, when you enter new password you will be asked to confirm it before the change will be accepted.


If I don't know the background of a prediction should I answer anyway?

In all circumstances the answer is "yes". Points are never deducted for a wrong answer, but a player cannot earn any points on predictions they do not answer. StarProg will supply a brief narrative for each posted question to help you with background information related to the prediction. You might also consider researching the background of an event through periodicals, web sites, and current news stories. But if in doubt--Guess!


How do I check the history of my Prediction answers and points earned?

Players can check the history of the Prediction questions they answered by selecting the ‘View History’ button on the bottom of the main Prediction page. Players will be able to review those questions they predicted correctly and those that were missed over the past 60 days.