Official Site and Game Rules & Prize Reward Redemption

Official Site and Game Rules:  Last Update, June 14, 2019

Please review carefully the following Official Site and Game rules. These rules will guide you on what you can expect from the StarProg experience, as well as the type of online behavior expected of StarProg users.  Please review these rules on a periodic basis; we are committed to adding an ongoing group of new game elements, offering additional opportunities to win Prizes, and Reward points that can be redeemed for our valuable Prizes and Rewards. Each new element introduced to the StarProg site will be governed by these Terms of Service immediately upon release.

No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter any StarProg game. A purchase of the web site's advertiser's and or sponsor's products or services will not increase your chances of winning. Participation is subject to all applicable international, country/federal, state and local laws, regulations, and ordinances and is limited to those age 17 and older. It should be noted that the company, Apple is not involved in any way with the contests or sweepstakes.Void where prohibited.

Terms listed in this section when used in other parts of these Official Rules shall be defined as follows:

StarProg Web Site/Applications:  The web site and application on-line depiction of the StarProg game features including games, prize incentives, blogs. team formations, etc.

StarProg Administrator: The official appointed by StarProg LLC to represent the company and administer all aspects of the StarProg Web Site and Applications (frequently referred to in this document as simply "StarProg" or "StarProg LLC").

StarProg Game Administrator: The official or officials appointed by StarProg LLC to administer all aspects of the StarProg game, including but not limited to: determining prize eligibility (along with sponsors of individual prizes), determining contestant eligibility, game dispute resolution, etc.

Game Master: The official(s) appointed by StarProg LLC responsible for games content including the creation of prediction and trivia questions, the selection of possible answers, entering the correct answer(s), assigning points to the possible answers, etc.

Player: (also known as participant, user, account holder, Registered Contestant, contestant, member)
A person with a valid StarProg account by virtue of registering on the StarProg website, through a remote web application on a participating social network site, or through a client-retailer Powered by StarProg web site.

Direct Play: Any activity involving user participation where awarding of Prize Points, Rewards Points, Special Promotion Points or Game Chips is a direct result of user’s participation.

Points Distribution System:  The StarProg system for distributing points earned through game success and participation by each player into separate accounts for the monthly/quarterly Prize Drawing, Rewards Redemptions and StarProg Special Promotion events.

LadderBoard Scoring System:  The month to month StarProg Individual and Team competitions system utilizing Game Chips as a virtual currency whereby the player competes with a combination of a basic minimum number of game chips awarded each day, chips awarded for new player referrals and chips earned or lost in game play. 

Prize Drawing PointsAny point(s) added to registered users accounts as a result of user participation in Direct Play. These points have no actual monetary value, and once accrued can be used only for the sole purpose of earning Prize Tickets into the Monthly and Quarterly Prize Drawing(s). 

 Rewards Points: (currently suspended) Are any point(s) added to registered users accounts as a result of user participation in Direct Play. These points have no actual monetary value, and once accrued are used for prize redemption through the StarProg Rewards Center. 

Special Promotion Points: (currently suspended) Are any point(s) added to registered users accounts as a result of user participation in Direct Play. These points have no actual monetary value, and once accrued are used for redemption through Special StarProg Promotional activities such as social games, on-line auctions, matching charitable contributions, etc.. 

Game Chips:  Are the virtual currency with which the players participate in the StarProg Individual and Team LadderBoard competitions and play the StarProg games.  These chips have no actual monetary value, and once accrued can be used only for the sole purpose of game play and competition. 

‚ÄčLive Event Engagement Points (LEE):  Are points awarded to participants in each LEE and are posted for entertainment purposes only.  At present LEE points are not tied to any Rewards Inccentive and have no actual monetary value  and once accrued can be used only for the sole purpose of game play and competition.

Description and Rules for the LadderBoard Competitions:

  1. LadderBoard game chips will be the primary currency for most interactive game activities. 
  2. The LadderBoard competitions will consist of Individual competitions known as the Individual Challenge Series and Team competitions known as the Team Challenge Series.  Both competitions will run concurrently and week to week .
  3. Every day, each player will be awarded an established number of chips id necessary that will provide them a minimum of 1000 chips for game play.
  4. To determine a player’s chip score to commence play the next day, the following calculations will be made:
    1. Any chips for News Prediction Events and Trivia earned on that day will be added to the player’s chip score balance at the end of the current day.
    2. If the player’s chip score is 1000 or less, the player will start the next day with a baseline minimum of 1000 chips.  Any Bonus chips for a player referral will then additionally be added to begin play the following day.
    3. If the player’s chip score exceeds 1000 chips the player will have a baseline of that balance.   Any Bonus chips for a player referral will then additionally be added to begin play the following day. 
  5. In the process of playing, the player gains or loses chips throughout the day’s game play depending upon their success.
  6. At the end of the day, at 11:59:59 PT, all games in progress are dropped and cease from being displayed on the web site.  The StarProg game engine goes into a process of calculating all players’ final chip score and resetting the Black Jack and Klondike Solitaire games to begin anew the next day.
  7. The next day the player continues to answer any Open unanswered News Prediction questions, their Daily Trivia questions and plays Black Jack and/or Klondike Solitaire.
    1. If at any time a player’s chip score balance is over 1000 chips their user identity and score is posted on the Individual Competition LadderBoard and remains there as long as their chip balance remains more than 1000 chips.
    2. If a player’s chip score should drop to 1000 chips or less, their player identity and score is no longer posted on the LadderBoard.
  8. Team scores in the Challenge Series Team competition are the aggregate of all of the scores of the individual Team members.
    1. Team identities and scores are posted on the Team Competition LadderBoard when any member of the team meets the competition criteria for posting on the Individual Challenge Series LadderBoard, i.e. has a chip balance of over 1000 chips.
    2. If no member of a Team has a chip score over 1000 chips, the Team posting is dropped from the LadderBoard.
  9.  At the end of the last day of each week, 11:59:59 p.m. PT, final individual player and team scores will be tabulated to determine the Individual Challenge Series winners, overall Challenge Series Team winners and second and third place Team winners.  Future versions will in addition to the Overall Challenge Series Team winner, reward the winners in each of the remaining leagues.                                                                                                                           
  1. After the Challenge Series Individual and Team winners have been identified, all other individual player and team scores will be zeroed out in preparation for the next week’s competition.
  2. News Prediction and Trivia chips earned in the final day and bonus Player Referral chips earned in the competition week will not count towards the current weekly competition but will be credited to begin competition play the first day of the following competition week.


Description and Rules of the StarProg Prediction Game:
StarProg Prediction operates from the fundamental premise that people like to forecast the future and would be enticed by the prospect of being rewarded for the accuracy of their predictions. You can register and play the game by logging on to, automatically through approved applications of a social network site or through a client-retailer “Powered by StarProg” web site.. You establish yourself as a contestant by registering with your first and last names, private e-mail address, unique user name and password.  Once registered, you can be automatically  notified by e-mail alert whenever there is a new game element introduced if you choose to Opt-in to this feature.

As a Registered Contestant once you log in you will have the opportunity to answer StarProg generated prediction questions focusing on real world events to earn points and game chips for correct answers. Open predictions are predominately displayed on the site’s Prediction page, or can be easily accessed by selecting the Prediction Button/Tab on the Top Navigation Bar on any of the site’s core pages.

When an Open prediction question is shown it will have a short narrative background, the manner in which the prediction question should be answered, i.e. single answer, multiple answers or ordered answers, how the answer or answers to the prediction question will be scored, and an Answer point/chip value expressed in a whole number. In addition, some prediction questions occur in a series where all the questions draw from the same answer pool, yet each answer can be used no more than once for the series. The possible number of points and chips that can be earned for correctly answering each prediction question are clearly displayed next to the answer, and are assigned by the Game Master to reflect the Game Master's general understanding of the probability of the outcome, the significance of the outcome to current public sentiment, and the variables that could occur between the prediction question being posted, the scheduled close date and the projected finalization date. Registered players are free to select the answer, or answers, you believe will most likely match the stated outcome of the event. Players may change any answer to any prediction question as long as the question is open for participation. Once a Prediction question is closed, players’ answer(s) are locked in and cannot be changed.

The StarProg Game Administrator has full discretionary authority for deciding which prediction questions will be featured in the game, the content of the narrative background, how the question is to be answered and scored, and the values assigned to the answer scoring. When that event concludes either by occurrence or as the result of a stated "by" or "as of' date/ time, your correct answer points and chips will be totaled and assigned to your Prize Drawing, Rewards Incentives and Special Promotion Points accounts through the StarProg Points Distribution System and to your Individual and Team game chip balance at the end of the competition day.  If for any reason the Game Master cancels a Prediction Question for example if the underlying real-world happening is canceled, has a presumptive outcome during the Open Prediction period, or is in other ways rendered not relevant, the StarProg Game Administrator will close the question and cancel all entries for that particular Prediction Question .  All points and game chips already assigned for that Prediction, if any, will be zeroed out. In a case where the actual outcome to a Prediction question does not match any of the proffered answers, the Game Master will have the option to declare the Question null and void and zero points and chips will be awarded. If a pre-recorded event is featured in game prediction questions and the results are compromised for whatever reason before the event question is closed, the Game Master will cancel the Prediction Question(s) and no points or chips will be awarded for player answers.

Description and Rules for StarProg Trivia Game:
Every registered player will have an opportunity to answer a set number of Trivia Questions per day. The questions will be offered consecutively, all at one time, when the player elects to play. The player will be given a pre-determined amount of time to answer each Trivia Question before the opportunity expires on the site. The player will be presented a choice of four possible answers, one of which has been pre-determined to be correct by our game master.  The offered questions will be randomly presented in groups of 3 questions selected from a question bank maintained by StarProg, with new questions rotated onto the site at random intervals.

Prize Points and game chips are awarded shortly after midnight for correct answers to the previous day’s Trivia questions, at which time these trivia questions and answers, along with possible points earned and an explanation of the correct answer, will display until supplanted by a new set of questions and answers.

Description and Rules for StarProg Solitaire Game:

For future entertainment value, StarProg has elected to use space rocket launch terminology to describe the Solitaire Game card formations. 

Supply Port:  The card stacks from which cards are dealt to the Hangar Dock or Launch Pad.  After establishing the Hangar Dock, the remaining cards which are not dealt are turned over face up, one card at a time and either positioned on the Hangar Dock, the Launch Pad or stacked face up on the Supply Port.  Only the card which is at the top of this Supply Port stack may be played.  A complete hand is one time only through the cards in the Supply Port. 

Hangar Dock: The Hangar Dock is initially established in the conventional standard SOLITAIRE method.  The cards are dealt across the Hangar Dock with the first card dealt face up and the next 6 dealt face down, left to right.  The process is repeated starting with the second card stack, followed by the third, until there is a face card up on all 7 stacks.  The Hangar Dock is only fed from the Supply Port and feeds the Launch Pad above but not vice versa.  Cards on the Hangar Dock line are positioned in alternating colors of black (clubs and spades) and red (hearts and diamonds). 

Launch Pad:  Begins with the Ace card of each suit placed above the Hangar Dock and fed either from the Hangar Dock or the Supply Port as each Ace is revealed in play.  The Launch Pad card stacks begin with the Ace card of the suit followed by the 2 or deuce of the same suit and builds progressively as the cards are revealed in standard SOLITAIRE play up to the King, all of the same suit. 

Launch Win:  All 52 cards advanced to the Launch Pad in accordance with standard SOLITAIRE play.                     

1.  Players are charged 52 chips for a new deck of cards in each new deal.

2.  Stack cards on the Supply Port are turned over, face up, one card at a time.  The cards are then either fed to the Hangar Dock in suits of alternating color or the Launch Pad if playable according to conventional SOLITAIRE play or stacked separately on the Supply Port, face up.   Only the top face up card in this stack is considered playable.

3.  A deal or hand is once through the stack deck on the Supply Port, one card at a time.

4.  Only Kings and their conveyor train face up on the Hangar Dock or turned face up on the Supply Port may be moved to a vacant space on the Hangar Dock in accordance with standard SOLITAIRE convention.

5.  Cards which are face up on the feeder line can be moved across the Hangar Dock to playable positions in accordance with standard SOLITAIRE convention including cards and their trailing conveyor train that are imbedded  (attached) in another conveyor train.

6.  Eight chips will be awarded for each card advanced to the Launch Pad.

7.  A 10 chip bonus is awarded for each deal when all 4 aces are turned up on the Launch Pad during standard SOLITAIRE play.

8.  A Launch Win or “”Blow Out” pays 3 to 2 or 634 chips (8 X 52 = 416.  416 x 3/2 = 624, plus a 10 chip bonus for all aces up = 634).

Description and Rules for StarProg Black Jack Game:

The Rules for StarProg Blackjack are essentially the same as those in standard Casino or on-line games.  StarProg Black Jack will initially only be a single player against the dealer with the player’s cards all dealt face up and the dealer’s cards dealt with the first card face down and the remainder dealt face up.

The ultimate goal in Blackjack is to attain a score as close as possible to 21 without going over.  Before play proceeds, the player places a bet.  The wager can be increased in multiples of 6 chips, i.e. 6, 12, 18, 24 etc. with a minimum bid for StarProg Black Jack of 6 chips up to a maximum of 96 chips (player’s chip balance permitting) for each individual deal.  The player’s chip balance will be displayed in real time as determined from game play and the LadderBoard Competition.                                       

The cards are valued by the number on the card (2 through 10 are as printed). All face-cards are valued as 10 points, and aces can be either 1 or 11 whichever is best for the player. The suits printed on the cards have no value whatsoever. So a hand containing 2, 6, 9 would equal 17 points. A hand containing an Ace and a six then could be either 7 or seventeen points.

The cards are dealt alternately, first to the player face up, then to the dealer face down then to the player face up and then to the dealer face up.  Once the two initial cards have been dealt, including the dealer, the player is then offered in a prompt , “hit” if he or she wants another card or “stand” if they do not.. The queried player then tallies his or her score and decides whether accepting another card will better the hand. If so the player clicks on the “hit” button to indicate the desire for another card. If not the player clicks on the “stand" prompt button.. The player can take as many cards as he or she wishes until the score in the hand reaches or exceeds 21. Should the score in the hand go over 21 the player is considered to have gone “bust” and loses his or her bet.  Once a player declines to be "hit" (elects to "stand") they may not take any more cards and must be satisfied with the score now in their hand.                                            

After the player has gone through this process, the dealer’s cards are revealed. If the total dealer score is under sixteen, the dealer must take another card, and continue to do so until the dealer score exceeds sixteen or surpasses 21. In the case of the dealer an Ace is always counted as 11 unless it would put the dealer over 21. This means that an initial 7 and A in the dealer's hand would equal 18 and the dealer would stand pat. While a 5 and A would require another card.  If that next card were an 8, for example, the Ace would now count as a 1 and the dealer would be required to take yet another card.

A hand with an Ace can have a score that can be called hard or soft. A soft score is one in which the ace can be used as either a 1 or 11. But a hard score would be one in which the ace can only be used as a 1 - such as a hand with A, 5, 8. In this case if the Ace were counted as 11 the hand's score would exceed 21 and the player would automatically lose his bet; so it is counted as 14.

At this point the score of the player’s hand is compared with the dealer's. If the player’s score is higher than the dealer's the player collects the equivalent of their bet or a ratio of 3 to 2 if only the player has Black Jack.  A Black Jack occurs when either the player or the dealer draws an Ace and a 10 point card in their first two cards.  If the player’s score is lower than that of the dealer they lose their bet to the dealer.  The dealer stands on all 17s meaning that the dealer is required to take hits until its card count reaches 17 or more.  The ace for the dealer counts as 11 unless it means busting.  If the player and the dealer end up with the same points, including both having a Black Jack, the deal is considered a “push” and no chip transaction takes place.  A push means that the bet is left on the table and goes to the next hand.

Two player options are available to the player in the StarProg Black Jack rules; Splits and Double Down.                

If the first two cards dealt to the player are identical in point value, a prompt will appear asking the player if they want to Split.  If the player confirms the Split the original bet will be applied again against the second card stack provided the player has a chip balance that allows the bet, otherwise the Split will be “denied”.  If accepted the cards are played individually against the dealer as if in two separate plays with cards dealt to the card to the player’s left first.  The player can not Double Down or Re-split after Splitting.

If the player has a point total of 9, 10 or 11 with their first two cards, a prompt will appear asking if they want to “Double Down”.  If the player confirms the Double Down the original bet will be doubled provided the player has a chip balance that allows the bet, otherwise the Double Down will be denied.  If accepted the player then receives only one more card and must Stand on that combination against the dealer.

Description and Rules of StarProg Challenge Series (Leagues and Teams) Play:

The StarProg Team Challenge Series is a separate LadderBoard competition designed to allow players to aggregate into established teams consisting of up to four players and combine their individual game chips earned from a combination of Predict To Win, Trivia Challenge, Solitaire and Black Jack games.  There is no obligation for a StarProg member to join the Team Challenge Series.  The benefit of creating and joining a team allows you to share the StarProg experience with friends and family, and could give you and your team members another chance of winning.

Competition and Points:                                                                                                                                                                                                 

The Team Challenge Series is currently conducted within nine geographically competitive Leagues where teams compete.  Competitions run continuously, week to week, Monday through Sunday with a new challenge beginning on each Monday.  Your 'Active' team will begin  the week with the aggregate total number of chips for you and your team members; 1000 chips each, plus chips each member earned from Prediction and Trivia questions the previous day (the last day of the previous week) plus  chips they earned from a player referral the day before.                                                                    

Your Team will continue to gain or lose chips through the combined results of the individual team members in daily StarProg game play as described above under “Description and Rules for the LadderBoard Competitions”.  The Teams Landing Page will show the active Teams LadderBoard standings to allow members to track their weekly status.

At the end of the last day of the competition week, 11:59:59 p.m. PT, final individual player and team scores will be tabulated to determine the overall Challenge Series Team and Placement winners.  News Prediction and Trivia chips earned in the final day and bonus Player Referral chips earned in the competition week will not count towards the current weekly competition but will be credited to begin competition play the first day of the following competition week.

Prizes: (currently suspended)                                                                                                                                                                                       

Prizes will be awarded to all 'Active' members of the winning team(s) after the completion of each weekly competition cycle. StarProg will verify and certify the weekly standings and notify the winning teams. A top prize will be given to the Team with the best overall game chip total across all nine leagues - this is the 'Overall' winning Team.  Teams holding chip totals accounting for second and third place finishes will also be awarded a prize.  In a future iteration the first place teams in the other eight leagues, beside the overall team winner, will be awarded a prize or prizes for having the best game chip totals in their respective leagues. StarProg can, and at times will expand the number of prizes awarded which will be displayed in the "Weekly Prize' blocks on the main Teams Landing Page.

Eligibility and Team Creation:                                                                                                                                                                                   

Players wishing to become eligible for the Team Challenge Series can do so by simply electing the 'Yes' button next to 'Participate in Team Challenge' on the StarProg Registration page (Newly Registered player), or the 'Yes' button next to 'Participate in Team Challenge' within your StarProg My Profile page (Existing player). You are allowed a single entry, and can only be an 'Active' member of one team. Once a player has elected to 'Opt-in' their information is added to our master database, which will allow Captains the ability to see/search their Username/Points Earned/Date Registered - that's all. Any player who has Opted-in can create a team.   Note: The player creating the team is automatically placed in the 1st position or Captain's slot which can be changed later. The Team’s Home Page can be accessed by selecting Teams from the upper Navigation Bar. Once on the Teams page, select the Create a Team button and you will automatically be sent to the Create Team Page where you can input a team name, select an available League from the drop down menu, and save your submission.  The player creating the team will assume the initial role of Captain, and has the ability to update the rest of the team information from a unique page which can be accessed from the drop down menu under their username labeled 'My Team'.

Captain's role and responsibilities:                                                                                                                                                                              

One player on the team is designated team captain. The team captain is the only team member with access to a unique view from their My Team link that allows them to enter, update, and edit the following:

  • Team Name
  • Team Slogan
  • Team News
  • Request League change -( Can only be requested once per calendar year, with the change taking affect on the first day of the next new competition month)
  • What Team information is displayed to the public?- Options include displaying Team Slogan, Team News, and Team Roster in the combination of choice.
  • Search players/invite players to join team
  • Accept player applications
  • Release players from the team


Captains have the authority to send invitations, approve or decline applications to join the team, as well as release players from the team and modify the team page. A Captain can have up to five (5) open invitations to prospective players at any given time, but needs to be aware that the first player(s) to accept the invitation will immediately be placed into the team's vacant/future position(s). A team has the option of changing their roster positions at any time. This too is done from the Captain's team page. If a new player takes on the role of Captain, the existing captain must submit the roster changes, and at the time the changes are saved, the new Captain will assume the responsibilities mentioned above.

Player Designation/Changes:                                                                                                                                                                                               

Players who are not fulfilling the Captain's role of their team, or are not currently an active member of a team are designated as Free Agents.

An unaffiliated Free Agent:                                                                                                                                                                                                  

This is a player who has opted-in to the Team Challenge, but has never been, or is currently not an active member of a team. They can be invited or apply to any team with a current or future opening.  If the application/invitation is accepted the player will be added to the roster immediately if there is an open vacancy, or the player will be placed in a delayed status with a start date of the first day of the next competition week.


An affiliated Free Agent:                                                                                                                                                                                                      

This is a player who is currently an active member of a team. They are free to choose to a leave a team at anytime by requesting a release from the team's Captain, however a player who is released from a team will remain on that team's roster and scored until the end of the current competition week.


Search Features: We've designed two types of search features to make it easier to create and manage teams.

Captains have the ability to Search Players from their Teams page. By selecting the 'Invite to Join' button they will be able to view the entire database available of players not currently 'Active' on a team. These players can be sorted by Points Earned, Last Log in, or Username. The Captain will have the choice of sending an invitation. Upon selecting 'Invite to Join' an e-mail will be generated by StarProg and sent to that player's registered e-mail address. The e-mail will direct the player to the Captain's Team page where they can either accept, or decline the invitation. Captain's can have up to five invitations out at any given time. The first player(s) who accepts the invitation to an open or pending position will automatically be placed into that position, and if your team roster is then full, all other open invitations will be deleted.

Players have the ability to Search Teams from the Main Teams Landing page. By selecting the 'Search for a Team' button, players can view teams by League or Team Name. Teams with openings will be displayed with the number of available openings and an 'Apply' button for the player to submit their application. The Apply button will direct the player to a page to complete and submit a simple application. StarProg will forward the application to the Team Captain where they have the discretion to accept or decline. A player may apply to more than one team at a time, but cannot have more than one pending application to a given team. The player will be placed on the active or pending roster of the first team to accept their applications, with all others deleted upon acceptance.

Some Helpful Hints in managing players. We highly encourage players to coordinate with those who they'd like to have on their team prior to creating it.  

Teams with a full roster of four (4) players have a distinct advantage over those teams with lesser players. For Captains, remember when sending out invitations, the player(s) who first accepts the invitation to an open, or pending position will automatically be placed into that position, and if your roster is then full, all other open invitations will be pulled. In anticipation of the growth of the Teams Challenge Series, we've designed the code to give the vast majority of control to the Captains and players. If a member chooses to leave or is released, consideration should be given to make that change several days prior to the end of the competition week. This will allow the player to join a new team at the start of the next week, while giving the losing team the chance to fill the position. Player's who leave or are released will remain on their existing team and scored until the end of the current competition week.


You can invite as many friends as you like, and will receive specified LadderBoard game chips for each confirmed registration. You can track the status of your invite directly from your referral page. The chips you earn through theLadderBoard referral system are credited to both the Individual and Team Series Challenge participants point totals as part of the weekly team competitions.

When a player submits an invite, a self generated e-mail will be sent from StarProg to the e-mail address entered. The friend or family member will be provided a link that takes them directly to our registration page. A referred player must complete the registration process and be certified in our system before game chips are credited to the referring player's Ladderboard account.

A player can keep track of their referrals by selecting the "Invite A Friend" link in the username dropdown. An invite will remain open until it is accepted and the registration certified, but will drop from the referring players invite list after 14 days from being sent if the registration has not been completed. We encourage everyone to send reminders when possible to ensure registration is completed within the 14 day window. A player can only send one invite to a given e-mail address once every 14 days.

The referral system is designed to help us reward existing players, grow our user base, increase competition, and gather feedback to continue to improve the website. We ask everyone to abide by our rules that state 'One Player/One Account'. We will monitor referrals, and will at our discretion remove duplicated accounts that appear to be created solely for the purpose of accruing additional game points.

As always, we welcome any feedback on this new feature, and hope that everyone shares with friends and family their StarProg experience.


Please refer to the Terms of Use link for a complete Description and Conditions of your use of the StarProg web site: