What's New

StarProg is glad to be back online, and is all NEW!

For those returning players, we are launching with our signature Predict to Win and Daily Trivia features. For those just joining, StarProg is designed to be informative yet unbiased in our approach to current (Predictions) and past (Trivia) events.

Predict to Win - You select what you believe the outcome will be on a variety of current events and top news stories affecting the world today and in the future. If you correctly predict the outcomes, you’re awarded points that can be applied to monthly and quarterly prize drawings, and even if you are not one of our lucky winners, can use your well earned points to redeem other great rewards. Daily Trivia - Is another way to test your knowledge as you’ll be presented with three new questions each day. Just to keep it fair for all, be aware that there is a time limit for each question – in today’s Google world it’s easy to find the answer to everything rather quickly – and we are committed to challenging you in a more competitive spirit. At the beginning of each new Trivia session you’ll be allowed to review and see the score from the previous days round. And just like Predict to Win, your point totals are added directly into your personal Prize and Reward accounts.

Login & Registration – It’s easy, we just ask for a Username (Keep it Clean), Password, and valid e-mail address. Prize winners and those redeeming points for Reward offerings will need to provide further information to ensure prompt delivery of the items displayed on the site.

StarProg is committed to building a World Class site, and encourage everyone to continually check our What’s New section to get the latest updates about new challenges and games introduced on the site, what’s in store, or why something may have changed. We also would like to ask everyone with a suggestion to Contact Us and let us know how we’re doing or what you feel we can do to improve in the future to make the site even more dynamic and enjoyable.