October 18, 2014 at: 02:08:42 PM

StarProg Blog Posts

In a previous iteration of StarProg we had a forum whereby players could comment on the web site including our News Prediction Events, Trivia Questions, and general game issues.  In this latest iteration, we decided to put our messages to our registered players and other site users into a Blog format where we will in due time format it into categorical links.                                                               

Viewers who log onto the StarProg web site will have the opportunity to view the content of most of the links, but only registered users will have the ability to provide published comments.

We intend to have a link that directly connects each News Prediction Event to a specific Blog section.  In keeping with a StarProg space theme we refer to this as the StarProg Galaxy where you, the player, are invited to comment.  Other players will have the opportunity to reply to your comments in a Blog thread.

In the meantime we will begin blogging about general news issues.  We feel that our seven yars of investigating a host of news stories and publishing our news predictions gives us the credibility and experience to begin commenting about the news.  The user comment feature will soon be incorporated as well. 

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